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‘Stop Dating Bad Boys! ‘ Women Only Dating Masterclass 

Back again soon, my popular dating workshop for women! 

Find & attract men seeking a genuine relationship

– not the guys with whom it never works out

Watch this space for details! 


Imperfect Partners – do you tend to date a clone of your exes?

What’s your dodgy love template? Which is the one that you can spot across a crowded room? Which is the one that gets your hormones buzzing? Rat man, elusive man, rejecting man – or just someone way out of your attractiveness ‘class’ – whom you can never hope to really engage with – in a happy, long term relationship

Most of us get fixated on the idea of instant chemistry – which so often tricks us into replaying a previous & possibly dysfunctional love template.… replicating relationships which were:

              – dysfunctional, unhappy & ended in acrimony/rejection.

              – great but sadly ended through circumstances beyond your control, rejection bereavement etc.

The lure of the unsuitable:

I want to help you find, build attraction with and keep a compatible soul mate. Part of the job can be to help clients avoid repeating a past strategy which didn’t work out.

Our ‘love template’ and patterns of attraction are programmed from our earliest years by our parents, family, significant others and of course all our relationships to date.

What can you do if you’re attracted to people who aren’t good relationship material? How can you spot the danger signals next time round so that you can navigate around them?

I will help you find the answers to this question and help you to develop a more positive love template and establish dating strategies which really work for you.

This Masterclass is for you if:

♦ you’re often attracted to the wrong guy

♦ you’re seeking a clone of the ex

♦ you’re still seeking your soul mate after many unsuccessful attempts

♦ your age is from 18 to 80+

What you’ll take away from ‘Stop Dating Bad Boys’ Masterclass:

♥ a commitment to a new dating action plan, one that works under Covid restrictions too

♥ a clearer idea of the type of relationship you’re seeking: live-in/out, marriage, companionship, etc 

♥ a boost to your confidence and communication skills

♥ a connection with your more flirtatious and dateable self

♥ tips on how to turn a 1st Date into a 2nd Date 

♥ a customised plan for seeking your new partner: on-line, off-line, apps etc.

♥ tips on presentation, styling, profile writing and photos

♥ a free copy of my tried-and-tested 1st Date Toolkit

I’ve had the privilege of observing the behaviour of tens of thousands of singles seeking a partner for life. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. My strategies have been well tested and will kick-start your search for love. 

Remember the cost of persisting with a dysfunctional dating strategy can be to remain single!




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