Is chocolate better than sex?

//Is chocolate better than sex?

Is chocolate better than sex?

OK, we just loved it at Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking, the agency I ran for thirty years, when yet another happy couple we’d introduced sent us a mega box of chocs as a thank you present!

But what do we really know about chocolate and romance?

Not only does chocolate contain powerful anti-oxidants for a healthy and long life together with your loved one but has unique, bliss-inducing qualities, especially for women. Some, we’ve heard, even admit they prefer it to sex!

Chocolate’s special quality of melting in the mouth just below blood temperature suffuses you with sensual wellbeing and could be the reason for this. And the chemicals in chocolate trigger a whole range of feel-good hormones in our bodies such as serotonin, thus mimicking the effect of anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac’.

Stuck for a romantic present for your lover?

My favourite chocolate shop is the one around the corner to my old Marylebone office Rococo Chocolates Marylebone 3 Moxon St, Marylebone, London W1U 4EP Why not make a bee-line to your nearest Rococo shop to select some of the most delicious and beautifully packaged handmade chocolates you can buy.

Stuck for a date?

  one that could lead to long term love? Call them at Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking Agency on 020 7224 1001 or visit  The consultants are available till 11pm, seven days, and are delighted to talk with you about arranging a complimentary consultation

For the last thirty years they’ve been finding soul mates for busy, single professionals. This service used to be provided by the extended family, the church and the local community. All Drawing Down the Moon members are personally interviewed, are extremely well educated and seek a long term relationship.

And we hope they all like chocolate!

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