The Husband Store

2017-02-24T13:00:19+00:00 4th Jan 2017|Blog|

My favourite joke about women seeking love:   A store that sells new husbands has just opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband.  At the entrance is a description of how the store operates: "You may visit this store ONLY ONCE!  There are six floors and the value of the products increases as [...]

To kiss, or not to kiss, on that first date?

2017-02-24T13:11:42+00:00 4th Jan 2017|Blog|

Women: should you? Or shouldn’t you? And if you do, what sort of kiss? Watch my video above for full discussion. I’m talking about a real snog here, not just the polite peck on the cheek.It depends. Are you seeking just a fling, or a real long term relationship? If it’s the latter – here’s [...]

Are you stuck with the wrong ‘your type’ template?

2017-02-24T13:30:36+00:00 4th Jan 2017|Blog|

The French writer, Proust, in “Swann’s Way” talks of the protagonist feeling his deepest love for a woman who was not “his type”. And an ex-colleague met her husband of 30 years ago on a train and instantly decided he was not “her type”. I met my lovely husband 35 years ago, when we became [...]

The love myths that stop you finding love

2017-02-24T13:24:46+00:00 4th Jan 2017|Blog|

Love Myth No. 1 – That ‘One and Only Special Person’ When you were young you dreamed of the moment when you’d find that ‘One and Only Special Person’, that ‘One and Only Love’, out there, waiting for you. Movies, magazines and songs all collude with this myth. No matter how intelligent, how well educated, [...]

Turbo-charge dating success with Domino Dating:

2017-01-16T23:29:26+00:00 4th Jan 2017|Blog|

‘Domino Dating’™ is one of my many success strategies for singles seeking love. Quite simply, it means meeting as many potential partners as possible to give you perspective and practice as well as the best chance of meeting that special person. This way you create a sort of ‘dating ripple’ or ‘domino effect’. Also, your [...]

Succeed at Speed Dating

2017-02-19T12:11:36+00:00 27th Dec 2016|Blog|

Speed dating is an unrivalled opportunity to improve your flirt skills. You should focus on just one goal: to separate the ‘maybes’ from the ‘no hopers’.  Forget ‘could I fall in love/make love?' Techniques for successful speed dating can be learned, providing you tighten your seatbelt, just go for it and practice. To ensure every single ‘maybe’ [...]

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